Yuca Congelada

Yuca Congelada



The Frozen Cassava has a shelf life of 24 months if they are stored at -18 degrees Celsius

Cassava roots are a nutritious food, in addition to boiled or steamed cassava, frozen grated cassava is used to make many cakes. Cassava contains a high fiber content to help us have a prolonged feeling of fullness, suppressing appetite is very effective for those who want to lose weight.

One of the postharvest management technologies that are being used the most in the cassava markets fresh for human consumption is the paraffination or paraffination of cassava roots. with this technology of processing, it is possible to extend the useful life of the cassava roots for periods of up to 3-4 weeks, without deterioration that affects its quality and prevents its consumption in human food. Paraffin technology is very useful for cassava producers and marketers because
helps them create links with markets that are more distant, on the basis that they can deliver a final product, cassava roots, that meet the quality requirements of consumers.

The variety of cassava directly affects the quality characteristics of the cassava used. as raw material, imprinting on it organoleptic, physical and chemical conditions that are specific; for example, housewives prefer medium-sized roots of conical shape or cylindrical, easy to be peeled, pink skin and white pulp. should never be included in the processing of fresh cassava roots for human consumption, flavored cassava varieties bitter.

In the production process, correct and effective supervision must be carried out because good management of the soil and the crop, including comprehensive management of pests and diseases, leads to high yields and roots with the quality required to be used as raw material in the prosecution.

The harvesting process is perhaps the factor that most influences the quality of cassava roots. time of arrival at the processing plant. Harvesting tasks must be carried out using adequate methods to avoid damage to the roots arising from its quality.


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